Grá - Temple Athens Iakhou 17

Grá - Ramsvarta Tankar (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Grá live at Temple Athens

Bowel of Noise proudly presents: The undisputed masters of Swedish Underground Black Metal finally make their triumphant return to Athens! Grá recently released their third album called "Väsen" and it is in the wake of this album the band is doing selected shows around Europe. The ritual at Temple will be their first in 2019 and since Grá isn't touring that much we encourage you to come and witness this exclusive event! It will be a night fully dedicated to the Devil's tribe! The ship of Charon returns to the shores of Hellas...


Order of the Ebon Hand:
Οrder of the Ebon Hand were formed in August of 1994.
Their Purpose from the Beginning was, and is to play
Archetype Black Metal.
They have Released 2 Albums:
"A Mystic Path to the Netherworld" 1997, Hypervorea Records
"XV: The Devil" 2005, Season of Mist

Apart from their debut, each album
will represent a Tarot Card
Seen through a Black Metal Spectrum.

The band has completed its new album:
"VII: The Chariot"
Produced by Victor Santura (Triptykon)
of Woodshed Studios

The band has also contributed to numerous Compilations
the most notable being "Order of the Tyrants"
honoring the emblematic Celtic Frost.

They have played live with numerous bands, metal and black metal alike, some of the most notable names being
Slayer, Rotting Christ, Candlemass, Accept, Therion, Αbbath, Nightfall, Dismember, Wolves in the Throne Room, Negura Bunget among others.

Nihilism is a solo project from Greece which became an active, full band in 2018, praising the philosophical theory that life has no intrinsic meaning or value. With respect to the universe, existential nihilism enshrouds the futility of existance. A cosmos carved from nothing is fragile and null, and so us all. No purpose, nor possibility of changing in the totality of life.

Obscurite Noir, a pensive work feverishly balancing on the cutting edge of modern black metal has been unleashed 1/1/2019.
Follow Nihilism through a maelstrom of furious black metal riffage and maleficent arrangements, on a journey beyond nothing, beyond zero, beyond the logical conclusion to existence. Join us under starless night. The journey begins.

Tickets: 15 euro presale at the Bowel of Noise record store - Themistokleous 25 - Athens /
Doors: 18 euro

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