Athenian metal band Daylight Misery, inspired from the loss of their dear friend Dimitris Theodoropoulos (member of the progressive metal band Rex Mundi from Thessaloniki) on May 31, 2021 from cancer, decided to write a song called “Cancerworm”, which is based on his story and everything he has been through over the last years of his life.

The purpose of this song is to raise money which will be offered in his memory to children who suffer from neoplastic diseases. You may find all the information regarding the donation, at the description of the song on YouTube.

Many known artists from the heavy metal scene participated on “Cancerworm”. Specifically, guest vocals were done by Aaron Stainthorpe from the British band My Dying Bride, as well as Sakis Tolis, founder, guitarist, and leader of the biggest metal band from Greece, Rotting Christ. Furthermore, the guitar solo of the song was played by the Greek guitar player Gus G. who has a brilliant career with his main band Firewind and with his solo work as well. Vocals were done by Vassilis Mazaris, bass played by Aggelos Malisovas while Nicos B. played the guitar.

The lyrics were written by Vassilis Mazaris and music was created by Nicos B. On the song also participated Harris Pazaroulas, performed the double bass quartet, Kostas Panagiotou member of the Greek-British metal band Pantiest on keyboards and Bill Papanikolakis on drums as a session member.

The recording/mixing/mastering of the song was done by George Bokos at Grindhouse Studios Athens while the lyric video was created by John Kaimakamis and the Nightwatchers. Graphics were edited by Jon Toussas for Graphic No Jutsu.


The band said: “Dimitris had such a strong character and a good soul, that until his last moments of his life he wished his condition to became an inspiration for other people. He did not wish to scare or worry other people but to pass the message that prevention saves lives, and many unpleasant situations can be dealt with if we are a little more punctual regarding our health. We will be very happy if we gather a substantial amount in his memory and offer it to the children who are in need so that he can be proud of what he has accomplished. The Greek heavy metal scene has proven that whenever there is need it becomes a fist and rallies to help the fellow human being. We hope that this will happen now too. We would like to thank you in advance for taking part in the most important thing we have done until today.”

The donation will be done from Thursday, November 25, 2021 until Monday, January 31, 2022.

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