No matter how much everything changes in culture and the world at large, heavy metal endures. It empowers, engages, and engenders strength, ultimately it outlasts fads. The same can be said for HammerFall.

Today, the band is proud to release their 20th anniversary edition of Crimson Thunder. The fourth studio album has been remixed and remastered by Fredrik Nordstrom, this definitive version includes previously unreleased pre-production tracks, a brand-new medley and live acoustic songs.

To celebrate the release, the band presents us with a brand-new video for the medley. Guitarist Oscar Dronjak comments: "The medley is a five minute celebration of the full album, with parts from well-known as well as never-before-played tracks, and is a highlight for both artist and audience every night."

Guitarist Oscar Dronjak previously stated: ”There is a lot to look forward to with this release even if you’re a die hard Templar with everything already in your collection: brand new album remix by Fredrik Nordström, never-before heard preproduction bonus tracks, exclusive acoustic live versions, this anniversary edition is packed with unique stuff that sees the light of day for the first time. This is our biggest anniversary edition yet!”


Crimson Thunder 20th Anniversary Edition comes in following formats:

- Digital Album
- 3CD Digi Box
- Platinum Edition - 2LP Trifold Silver Vinyl
- Crimson Edition - 2LP Trifold Marbled Red /Black Vinyl
- Thunder Edition - 2LP Trifold Marbled Blue/White/Black

Listen/order here.


CD tracklisting:

CD 1
Riders Of The Storm
Hearts On Fire
On The Edge of Honour
Crimson Thunder
Lore Of The Arcane
Dreams Come True
Angel Of Mercy
The Unforgiving Blade
In Memoriam
Hero's Return
Riders of The Storm (preproduction)
On The Edge Of Honour (preproduction)
Trailblazers (preproduction)
Angel Of Mercy (preproduction)
The Unforgiving Blade (preproduction)
Hero’s Return (preproduction)
Hearts On Fire (preproduction)

CD 2
Lore Of The Arcane (Live One Crimson Night)
Riders Of The Storm (Live One Crimson Night)
Heeding The Call (Live One Crimson Night)
Stone Cold (Live One Crimson Night)
Hero's Return (Live One Crimson Night)
Legacy Of Kings (Live One Crimson Night)
Bass Solo (Live One Crimson Night)
At The End Of The Rainbow (Live One Crimson Night)
The Way Of The Warrior (Live One Crimson Night)
The Unforgiving Blade (Live One Crimson Night)
Glory To The Brave (Live One Crimson Night)
Guitar Solo (Live One Crimson Night)
Let The Hammer Fall (Live One Crimson Night)

CD 3
Renegade (Live One Crimson Night)
Steel Meets Stee" (Live One Crimson Night)
Crimson Thunder (Live One Crimson Night)
Templars Of Steel (Live One Crimson Night)
Hearts On Fire (Live One Crimson Night)
Hammerfall (Live One Crimson Night)
The Dragon Lies Bleeding (Bonus Track Live One Crimson Night)
Stronger Than All (Bonus Track Live One Crimson Night)
A Legend Reborn (Live One Crimson Night)
Heeding The Call (acoustic live version)
Steel Meets Steel (acoustic live version)
Renegade (acoustic live version)
Crimson Thunder Medley (Live)

Current HammerFall lineup:
Joacim Cans - vocals
Oscar Dronjak - guitar
Fredrik Larsson  - bass
Pontus Norgen - guitar
David Wallin - drums

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