"Mars Recall" is the second single from Digital Race, the first full-length of Spanish heavy/speed metal band, Redshark. The lyrics and music were inspired by some sci-fi movies and books and spoke about someone remembering a space mission, in a big galactic war, after his return from Mars to the Earth. The open end of this story is inspired by Roy Batty's final speech in Blade Runner: "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...".

Redshark was founded in 2012 in Barcelona, Spain by Philip Graves (guitar) with the aim of delivering classic pounding heavy speed metal. Their traditional 80s metal influences may plunder the nostalgia circuit but Redshark are ruthlessly carrying the torch with great attitude, and powerful melodic songwriting.

Redshark have since honed their gloriously raw yet precisely incisive, dark, catchy and addictive speed heavy metal crunch staying faithful to their original influences taken from undisputed metal legends like Judas Priest, Savatage, Exciter and Metal Church.

Their new album, Digital Race, was recorded in 2021 and will see a release at the end of March. It was produced by Jaume Perna (Jack Dark) and mixed & mastered by Gonzalo Vivero in In The Red Audio. Cover art was made by Jose Antonio Vives.


"The Drill State"
"Never Too Late"
"Digital Race"
"Mars Recall"
"Kiill your Idol"
"The Death Rides"
"Burning Angels"
"Pallid Hands"
"I'm Falling"

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