A fresh take on NWOBHM, Thunderor’s Fire It Up consists of nine energetic and catchy tunes supplemented with ‘80s synths and piano. Its purpose is to take the listener on an adventure full of motorcycle rides, whirlwind romance, and diving into danger. It’s a get-up and go album, inspiring one to give it all in life and never give up.

Founder/drummer/vocalist JJ Tartaglia of Skull Fist started the band with ex-Skull Fist bandmate Jonny Nesta and Oscar Rangel (Operus, ex-Annihilator) to create something new under his artistic vision. He expects the album to go over well with current Skull Fist fans and new listeners due to the originality and hooks in the songs. He explains further:

“I think we’ve created a truly original album with Fire It Up. It was a blast writing these songs and putting my personality into the lyrics for the first time. We’re proud to have done all of the tracking ourselves (it was a learning experience!) and to have done things the old-school way without any quantized drums or pitch correction. I think the result is a more natural-sounding recording which gives a better human connection and allows the songs to shine through with the real attitude. The songs on the album are meant to inspire a life journey – an adventure with friends, motorcycles, romance, danger, and victory. I hope it will be a soundtrack for your adventures.”

The album was produced by JJ Tartaglia; mixed by Chris Snow and mastered by Harry Hess. The album artwork was created by Daniel Porta. The majority of Tartaglia’s lyrics come from his perspectives on life and some stories as well. Throughout the album, there is a theme of longing for escape and refusing to just settle.

Along with the album's release day, Thunderor is sharing their latest music video for "Dangerous Times", a catchy ‘80s style piano-driven song about romance and love, reminiscent of Toto and Journey that features a massive synth middle section.

The ‘80s-infused heavy metal is recommended for fans of Saxon, Twisted Sister and Skull Fist.

Fire It Up is out now on via Boonsdale Records. Order here.


“Fire It Up”
“How We Roll”
“All Or Nothing”
“Dangerous Times”
“On The Run”
“Into The Storm”
“We Can Make It”
“Cold Tears”

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