Mark Zonder, Giles Lavery, Philip Bynoe and Jimmy Waldo welcome guitarist Eric Juris to legendary cult US metal band, Warlord.

Says the band: "Some of you may know Eric already from his great work with Crystal Viper, and thus we are very excited to have this brilliant and talented musician with us as we move into the new chapter of the band, with shows planned for 2024 in honor of Warlord co-founder William J Tsamis."

Eric comments: “It’s an honor to become a part of Warlord and be able to lend a hand in keeping Bill’s legacy and music alive. The whole band has been extremely welcoming and it’s been pure joy to work with them, we will see the Warlord fans live in 2024."

Mark Zonder comments: "When we heard Eric play we knew instantly we had our guy, he was able to point out and deliver detailed facets of Bill's playing, writing and performance, things that we ourselves always just knew as "Bill's style"... Eric will help the band keep the legacy alive. Warlord live will remain a two guitar band and we will have more announcements in the near future."

Giles Lavery adds: "My great friend David Reece recommended Eric, at first mention i was a little reserved, as every guitarist will tell you that he or she can do this or that better than the next player... But Eric didn’t do that …and after hearing 2 or 3 songs that Eric tracked for us I was completely blown away, It was like listening to Bill playing those songs, I even had to check that I wasn't listening to the wrong file! Bill is, was and will always be totally irreplaceable, but Eric is a critical part in our ongoing mission to keep Bill and Warlord’s legacy alive and pay tribute to his work."


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