AENAON - Phenomenon

Aenaon - Phenomenon

The first EP by the Greeks Aenaon is an astonishing effort for sure in the Black / Death Metal scene indeed.
\r\nThis is about an EP that features six compositions, which in musical way move between the early Emperor, Naglfar and recent Behemoth styles of music. A huge amount of blast beat with some melodic passages that can be described as a Death Black Metal Holocaust.
\r\nIn This EP you’re about to hear Death Metal riffage, with many black metal blast beating hammerings.
\r\nThe production of this effort, despite the fact that is self-released, is very good, and very “clean” so the intensity of the band and their musical skills, that are many, can easily be recognized. The vocals sound like they have come from the very depths of hell, and for sure contribute to consider “Phenomenon” as a very “professional” effort, that can easily stand next to many foreign bands of the scene.
\r\nPersonally I consider myself as a fan of the band and I hope that soon they will sign a contract with a label and release their first full-length album.
\r\nLampros Tennes\r\n

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