KING WRAITH - Of Secrets and Lore


KING WRAITH – Of Secrets and Lore

The reason why I love heavy metal music is because it offers me thrills that you can find in a good movie or a book. I always read the lyrics and I like very much the bands that support their lyrical topics with their music. The bands that drag you into the world they create and I think that KING WRAITH do a very good job at that.

As you can figure out from the title of their debut album, the lyrics are about mythology, pirates, fantasy and historical topics. The kind of lyrics that I love in an epic metal band and believe me the Italians have a good tradition on creating epic feelings. The music of the band although it shows its influences is given in a personal way and this is because the musicians behind the band are well experienced by participating in known underground Italian metal bands like the great BEJELIT and KILLIN’ KIND. So, the fans of RUNNING WILD will definitely dig this album, but besides the pirate anthem compositions you can also find references to such bands like GRAVE DIGGER, BLIND GUARDIAN and even OMEN.

“Of Secrets and Lore” is an album that has it all; an epic feeling, sing along choruses, enthusiasm dipped into experience and skillful musicianship and above all it’s made by people who are first fans of this sound and play the kind of music they love to listen to. It is an album that definitely belongs amongst the best heavy/power metal releases of this year and I think that these guys are strong competitors of BLAZON STONE. No more to add, just buy the album!!!

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