December 14, 2020
Metal Tribute To Van Halen in Red Vinyl

The first-ever vinyl pressing of this superb collection of Metal icons paying their respects to one of the greats, Van Halen!Performances by members of Great White, Slaughter, Cinderella and Mr. Big plus former members of Motley Crue, Guns N' Roses, Iron Maiden, Poison and more!

December 14, 2020
ORACLE SUN – “Machine Man” out on December 18 via Volcano Records

The second full-length of the Italian band Oracle Sun is about to be released via Volcano Records on December 18th. ORACLE SUN was formed in 2002 by drummer Frank Andiver (Labyrinth, Wonderland, Shadows of Steel) and guitarist Emi Manuguerra (Angel Grace

December 13, 2020

Ο τραγουδιστής των Queensrÿche Todd La Torre έχει ήδη έτοιμο τον πρώτο solo δίσκο του ο οποίος θα τιτλοφορείται Rejoice In The Suffering και θα κυκλοφορήσει στις 5 Φεβρουαρίου μέσω της Rat Pak Records. O La Torre επωφελήθηκε του κενού λόγω της πανδημίας ώστε τελειώσει αυτό τον δίσκο, δουλεύοντας μαζί με τον Craig Blackwell και τον παραγωγό Chris “Zeus” Harris.

December 13, 2020

Οι Γερμανοί power metallers Primal Fear ανακοίνωσαν την κυκλοφορία ενός νέου single το οποίο θα περιέχει 5 κομμάτια, με «ναυαρχίδα» του μια νέα εκτέλεση της μπαλάντας τους I Will Be Gone (μέσα από την τελευταία, φετινή τους κυκλοφορία Metal Commando) με την συμμετοχή της Tarja Turunen.

December 12, 2020

Οι βετεράνοι κολοσσοί του μελωδικού rock Magnum επανέρχονται στην δισκογραφία τον ερχόμενο Ιανουάριο με μια νέα συλλογή η οποία θα τιτλοφορείται Dance Of The Black Tattoo.

December 12, 2020
Old school heavy metal from Germany

Newcomers Kerrigan from Freiburg, Germany are about to release their debut demo on  December 18th, 2020. Kerrigan is Bruno S. (guitars, bass) and  Jonas W. (vocals, guitars). All songs are written by Kerrigan, except "Rest in Peace" which is written by  Wolf. You can come in contact with the band here :   

December 12, 2020
KAT - official video for "The Last Convoy/Ostatni Tabor" released

KAT has released a new video for the song "The Last Convoy/Ostatni Tabor". That song is on the album "The Last Convoy", which was released on September 25th, 2020 on CD and on October 30th, 2020 on Vinyl via PURE STEEL RECORDS. The album was released in a limited edition of 300 black copies and insert on Vinyl.

Qbek Weigel – vocals
Piotr Luczyk – guitars
Adam „Harris" Jasiński – bass
Mariusz Prętkiewicz – drums

December 12, 2020
AEONBLACK: new album on Black Sunset

German heavy/power metallers Aeonblack have signed with Black Sunset to release the follow-up to their 2015 debut "Metal Bound" before spring of 2021! However, if you think of "traditional heavy metal" as stale fare, then you'd better get warmed up!

December 12, 2020
CRYSTAL VIPER release new video

Polish female-fronted heavy metal act CRYSTAL VIPER released new lyric video / digital single, "The Cult", which also is the title track from the upcoming studio album."I think that the title track, is one of the most representative ones when it comes to our new album" says CRYSTAL VIPER front woman, Marta Gabriel. "It has this gloomy atmosphere, easy-to-remember vocal line, and very classic sounding guitar riff

December 12, 2020
Avenger Kills released new album

Avenger Kills was formed in 2011 at Yaroslavl, Russia by guitarist Alexander Krasilnikov. Currently, the team has three albums: "Avenger Kills" (2013), "Metal Child" (2016), "The Savior" (2018). During this time, the members of the group often changed.

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