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January 22, 2008

\r\nThis is the third release for the German Noekk who have a common characteristic with Empyrium and The Vision Bleak. And that characteristic is Mr Schwadorf (who is under the name F.F. Yugoth here). I am going to cut right into the chase. Noekk is a band someone can fixate and adore or hate. Unfortunately for me I am with the second group. Within the 35 minutes that the record I couldn’t find one thing that would draw my attention or excitement at least. The album The Minstrel’s Curse includes 4 tracks which last long.

January 20, 2008

\r\nFinnish Mygrain were formed back in the summer of 2004 from the ashes if the New science band. Their album “Signs of existence” are their second album which was released through Spinefarm. The band plays a mixture which seems to be extremely popular nowadays in Finland. Heavy guitars with obsessive riffs, clear and brutal vocals, futuristic keys and groovy drums. The whole style brings Children Of Bodom to mind in the Are you dead yet, In Flames in Reroute to remain, and Amorphis sometimes even Slipknot if I dare to say.

January 20, 2008

Οι Φιλανδοί Miseria κατάφεραν να μου κεντρίσουν την προσοχή με την πρÏŽτη νÏŒτα του Tale Νeverending.

January 20, 2008

\r\nFinnish Withering had released the album "Gospel of Madness" in 2004 and even though with delay, we shall comment on this cd, because it is worthmentioned. Even if it was released in 2004, all the songs are in the style, which Finland has in 90s. The receipt is classic and successful. Heavy guitars in the background, simple melodic and inspiring leads and of course dark and melancholic brutal vocals, everything in mid-tempo rythms with a very good production. In other words, typical finnish melodic death metal.

January 20, 2008

\r\nFinnish Dark The Suns are trying to play a mix between Nightwish and Dark Tranquility (kind of). Heavy guitars, piano in a leading role, clean pseudo-gothic and brutal vocals compose the whole mood. The compositions are quite mediocre and reused although the melodies on which the tracks are based are good enough. What totally spoiled my feeling is the enormous lack of personality both in style and in compositions.

January 20, 2008

\r\nHere things are very simple. Finnish Pain Confessor will surely make you bang your head in a violent manner. Thrash/Death with a slender touch of melodies (imperceptible one). Something like Testament meets At The Gates meets Soilwork. Perfect production, hardening riffs, drums that carry you to extremes and even though there are quite breaks, the adrenaline still remains up in high levels through the entirety of the CD. Many words are unnecessary, all 10 tracks are wild smashers. So invest fearlessly. \r\n


\r\nTranslation:Vaso Prassa \r\n


January 18, 2008

\r\nI confess that I was really anxious for the\r\nrelease of the new album of Crematory, since every album that the German band\r\nreleases has many elements that I really like. It is true though, that none of\r\nthe bands albums has ever thrilled me in its entity, and that’s because at some\r\npoint the album seems to repeat itself. That’s all as far as it concerns me,\r\nfrom that point on anyone can draw his conclusions.

January 17, 2008

\r\nKinetic is a Greek extreme metal band that came to life when vocalist Savvas Betinis (previously known as the frontman of the now defunct Death/Thrash/Progressive Metal band Acid Death), Brainfade’s guitarists Manolis Mamas and Stavros Bonikos and Kostas Alexakis, drummer of the cult Heavy/Power Metal band Wisdom, decided to join forces in 2002 retaining their musical uneasiness through the death/thrash/progressive sound.

January 07, 2008

\r\nLillian Axe belongs to the so called “obscured” groups which have been really underestimated through out the years. Maybe the music category/”stamp” which would follow the band since the 80’s played a very important role, as categorizing a band’s music sometimes affects its carrier progress, plus, in some cases, it’s all relevant when it comes to this procedure. \r\n

January 05, 2008

\r\nThis is the fourth full length album of the band “Elvenking” and I think that it proves that they don’t rely on their past work, on the contrary, they keep on getting better all the time. For those who may not be aware of this group, their music is a mixture of Folk and Heavy/Power Metal, along with "unceasing" death-like passages. Their style reminds you of bands such as Blind Guardian, Skyclad even Iced Earth (in some vocal parts), while through very fast changes, the songs turn to In Flames and Children of Bodom-like stuff.

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