January 17, 2008

\r\nKinetic is a Greek extreme metal band that came to life when vocalist Savvas Betinis (previously known as the frontman of the now defunct Death/Thrash/Progressive Metal band Acid Death), Brainfade’s guitarists Manolis Mamas and Stavros Bonikos and Kostas Alexakis, drummer of the cult Heavy/Power Metal band Wisdom, decided to join forces in 2002 retaining their musical uneasiness through the death/thrash/progressive sound.

January 07, 2008

\r\nLillian Axe belongs to the so called “obscured” groups which have been really underestimated through out the years. Maybe the music category/”stamp” which would follow the band since the 80’s played a very important role, as categorizing a band’s music sometimes affects its carrier progress, plus, in some cases, it’s all relevant when it comes to this procedure. \r\n

January 05, 2008

\r\nThis is the fourth full length album of the band “Elvenking” and I think that it proves that they don’t rely on their past work, on the contrary, they keep on getting better all the time. For those who may not be aware of this group, their music is a mixture of Folk and Heavy/Power Metal, along with "unceasing" death-like passages. Their style reminds you of bands such as Blind Guardian, Skyclad even Iced Earth (in some vocal parts), while through very fast changes, the songs turn to In Flames and Children of Bodom-like stuff.

January 04, 2008

\r\n“No grass is greener than yours” is a cd-single with 3 tracks from the album “Maeder”. The Australia-based band is influenced by AC/DC so much, that one can easily recognize similar parts (I use this word in order to avoid saying “almost the same”), like for instance in the beginning of the song “Never Last”. Musically, they play Hard Rock, though, in a more glam/pop version, which I have to admit it’s not that impressive.

January 04, 2008

\r\nSometimes only one song is enough to bring images to your mind, images that come from another era, another culture, when “poser” was culminating and the whole glam rock style was a matter of many discussions as a big part of heavy metal fans would never accept that these bands belong to the metal scene at all. I think that such a generalization is a bit risky, as more or less, we all are emotionally attached to some songs of this genre, even if we didn’t like it as a whole. \r\n

January 03, 2008

\r\nThe album was released in 2006 but since we received it only recently, we make its presentation under this delay. Arcanar is a band from Russia and "Dusty Lord" is their debut album. The entire work is quite unusual from the view of many different angles. The most basic factor is that everything in this record is in the native language of the band and without a trace not so ever of English.

January 03, 2008

\r\nThird demo by the Finnish (with their less catchy of a name) Thaurorod, this time as a single. Judging from the efforts of the band up to date, it seems that these guys possess all the craving but there are still certain points where they are falling short. But let’s be more analytic…

January 01, 2008

\r\nI think that is well known to the majority of metallic fans who was Tarja Turunen, as well her relation with finnish Nightwish..The fact that she had almost the exclusiveness of the performance of the band’s songs, shows how much the rest members of the group appreciate her for the "incarnation" of their compositions..Tarja has such a voice..which can easily make one bristle..Without exaggerations! I loved Nightwish and this was part due to the way this "blessed" (I dare to characterize it like this) voice performed all their compositions...\r\n

December 31, 2007

\r\nSaga, a band that comes from Canada, is in the scene for almost three decades already. Their album releases and their live performances throughout the years have established their name in what we call as “progressive” rock. This album contains 9 tracks, mostly in a “pure” rock-like style, with the addition of a few progressive elements. Good compositions, though not much impressive. The rhythm section and the piano/synth parts are fine and so is the production, factors that result in a very good sound.

December 31, 2007

\r\nVlad in Tears consists of four members, comes from Italy and “Seed Of An Ancient Pain” is their first official album release. Their music style is dark gothic-like, something between H.I.M., Sisters of Mercy even Crematory, regarding the more “heavy” parts. The songs are melancholic, they have a dark a feeling, in general, though, I can’t t say I was impressed. Especially during some choruses, the songs seem to lose the whole feeling.

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