October 25, 2007

\r\nDie Apokalyptischen Reiter is one of the\r\nmost successful bands in Germany. In this interview Volk-man (guitarist) talks\r\nabout the last album "Riders On The Storm", the new DVD that will be out in\r\nJanuary and for many things concerning the band in general. If you are a\r\n"Reitermaniac" the only thing you have to do is to scroll down your mouse...\r\n


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October 07, 2007
NIGHTRAGE - Marios Iliopoylos

With the release of the new album of Nightrage we found the opportunity to speak with the Greek leader, composer and author of the band Marios Iliopoylos. And this is what he told us about the new album “A New Disease Is Born”, on the continuous changes of the members of the band, what is really the band of Nightrage while he comments the Swedish and Greek metal scene.\r\n

September 30, 2007

Blood\r\nRed Throne, Green Carnation, Carpathian Forest. Three different bands from\r\nNorway with a common thing. The guitarist Tchort. It was very interesting for\r\nme to have a talk with a guy like him for many reasons. Because of the fact that\r\nthe new album of Blood Red Throne has been released, I had the chance to talk\r\nwith Tchort both for his bands and his personal life as well.

September 24, 2007

\r\nThere\r\nare some persons in Metal scene that has something to say about everything,\r\nwith their own way just because they are cool persons and it is very nice\r\nto have a talk with them. One of those persons is for sure Lord K\r\nPhilipson(Composer, Guitarist, Lyricist) of The Project Hate MCMXCIX and God\r\nAmong Insects. I am a fan of his works for many years now and I always wanted to\r\nask him many things...

September 21, 2007
DISMEMBER - Tobias Cristiansson

\r\nDismember needs no introduction. It is\r\nmeaningless to say anything about this mighty band, a band which established\r\nthe old-school Swedish Death Metal sound in the world. I had the chance to talk\r\nwith the "fresh blood" of the band, the bass player Tobias Cristiansson who is\r\na member of Dismember since 2005. Enjoy!\r\n

September 21, 2007

\r\nΛίγους μήνες μετά την κυκλοφορία του Eternal Domination των Suicidal Angels, επικοινωνήσαμε και\r\nπάλι με τον Ορφέα,

September 13, 2007
ONSLAUGHT - Nige Rockett

\r\nMetalzone: Hi there Nige. Many hails and\r\nwelcome back from all the Greek metal fans.\r\n


\r\nNige Rockett : Hi and thank you very much. It’s really great to be back\r\n


\r\nMetalzone: First of all how does it feel to be\r\nback for quite some time now in the metal activities after so many years of\r\nabsence?\r\n

September 10, 2007

\r\nThere ain’t much I can say about a man whose hands can\r\nwork equally brilliant on a bass or a sound console or even a computer.\r\nAnd to be honest the outcome of our talk made me an even bigger fan of\r\nhis so objectivity is out of the question!

September 09, 2007

\r\nIn preparation for the release of “Spread The Fire!!!”\r\non August 7th 2007, FUELED BY FIRE gave an interview\r\ntalking all about how it feels getting a myspace message fromBRIAN SLAGEL writting he is signing you in Metal Blade Records, their new release, their touring throughout\r\nCalifornia from San Diego to San Francisco opening for bands like Agent\r\nSteel, Municipal Waste, Fates Warning, and Toxic Holocaust, with a full\r\nUS tour in the works....\r\nNo doubt FUELED BY FIRE is making a name for themselves by developing a\r\nfan base that&rsq

September 09, 2007

\r\n"Testament for the 21st Century- THE ABSENCE stand bound to\r\nlead another thrash revolution!"Tampa, FL area natives, THE ABSENCE,\r\nlaid waste to an unsuspecting metal community with their debut Metal\r\nBlade album, From You Grave. After nearly two years of touring, the\r\nguys hit Mana Studios of Florida in February & March 2007 with\r\nSwedish producer Jonas Kjellgren (Scar Symmetry, Carnal Forge) to begin\r\nrecording.

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