January 03, 2008

\r\nThird demo by the Finnish (with their less catchy of a name) Thaurorod, this time as a single. Judging from the efforts of the band up to date, it seems that these guys possess all the craving but there are still certain points where they are falling short. But let’s be more analytic…

January 01, 2008

\r\nI think that is well known to the majority of metallic fans who was Tarja Turunen, as well her relation with finnish Nightwish..The fact that she had almost the exclusiveness of the performance of the band’s songs, shows how much the rest members of the group appreciate her for the "incarnation" of their compositions..Tarja has such a voice..which can easily make one bristle..Without exaggerations! I loved Nightwish and this was part due to the way this "blessed" (I dare to characterize it like this) voice performed all their compositions...\r\n

December 31, 2007

\r\nSaga, a band that comes from Canada, is in the scene for almost three decades already. Their album releases and their live performances throughout the years have established their name in what we call as “progressive” rock. This album contains 9 tracks, mostly in a “pure” rock-like style, with the addition of a few progressive elements. Good compositions, though not much impressive. The rhythm section and the piano/synth parts are fine and so is the production, factors that result in a very good sound.

December 31, 2007

\r\nVlad in Tears consists of four members, comes from Italy and “Seed Of An Ancient Pain” is their first official album release. Their music style is dark gothic-like, something between H.I.M., Sisters of Mercy even Crematory, regarding the more “heavy” parts. The songs are melancholic, they have a dark a feeling, in general, though, I can’t t say I was impressed. Especially during some choruses, the songs seem to lose the whole feeling.

December 31, 2007

\r\n"Hidden in A Tomb" originally was a demo back in 2000 by the Italian one man project Vardan. In 2007 it is re-released by Folter Records while three more albums are yet to follow. Well, what we have here are 5 tracks of raw underground black metal that however sounds way too underground. But other than that there is nothing really interesting about this release to discharge any kind of mental or audible exhilaration not even at a low-level radiation for that matter.

December 29, 2007

\r\nCrest Of Darkness is a Norwegian extreme metal band, formed by the former Conception bassist Ingar Amlien. Their sound is a mix of blasting black metal, stomping percussive death metal and heavily constructed thrash metal along with some pure metal influences. The compositions are mostly up tempo under a rigid wall of guitars, fat double-bass drums and blast beats but there are also moments when the sound is pretty much a groovier pummeling frontage with the guitars having a nice razor sound or creating soundscapes full of heaviness.

December 28, 2007

\r\nDebut album from the Italians Tragodia and it’s a fact that their name is much reflective and absolutely expressive of the entire disk. Previously the band had released two Mini CDs that both went by unnoticeable, something that will also come to pass with this album. The band is given to Atmospheric/Gothic Metal but the problem is that not only they haven’t found their identity yet, but they are just a copy of others and a bad one. Everything on this disk is monotonous and foreseeable and already been heard countless times from other bands that did it in a much better way.

December 27, 2007

\r\nHellsaw is an Austrian black metal duo consisted by the founding members Aries – Vocals, Bass, Guitars and Svart – Drums. After two years from the predecessor "Spiritual Twilight", Hellsaw return with their third release "Phantasm" by Folter Records while the production was handled by Dark FortressVictor Bullok.

December 26, 2007

\r\nΤο 2007 φεύγει και αφήνει πίσω του αρκετούς καλούς δίσκους,\r\nένας εκ των οποίων είναι και το ντεμπούτο album των Incendiant που\r\nÏŒμω&si

December 25, 2007

Rosa Antica born in Turin, Italy and this is their second effort, following the EP “Looking For Something Divine” (2006) The title of the Album is “Seven” and their music is described by them as “Alternative Death Core” (?). According to the promotional leaflet, this genre is a mix of “Death metal riffs, growling Vocals, Gothic Shades, Psychedelic Touches and reflexive, evocative lyrics”. Probably this is the first time for you that hear of this genre, for me is the first (and I hope the last)

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