May 15, 2008
SOILENT GREEN - Ben Falgoust

\r\n"They say only the strong survive and for Louisiana swamp grinders\r\nSoilent Green, no truer words were ever spoken. Hardly strangers to\r\nadversity, Soilent’s two-decade-old history is fraught with lineup\r\nchanges, van collisions, murder, suicide and a hurricane casualty.

May 13, 2008

Οι Mystic Prophecy τα\r\nτελευταία χρÏŒνια έχουν κάνει τεράστια βήματα προÏŒδου, κάτι που το έχουν\r\nαποδείξει μέσα απÏŒ τα καταπ&lamb

May 03, 2008
PRIMORDIAL - Alan "Nemtheanga" Averill

\r\nGiven the chance by Primordial’s two shows in Greece Elena Mihailidou and Myra Paksinou from recently conducted an interview with the band’s soul Alan "Nemtheanga" Averill. Alan talked to us about how it feels to be back in Greece. Their latest release To The Nameless Dead and the feedback they’ve received so far. As he admits the standards are higher than ever now.

May 02, 2008
DARK FORTRESS - V. Santura, Seraph & Morean

\r\nOn the event of their first ever show in Greece, Dark Fortress gave an exclusive video interview to Elena Mihailidou and Vasilis Mazaris of V. Santura, Seraph and Morean talk to Metalzone about their first ever show in Greece, their latest release Eidolon and the great feedback they have got.

April 24, 2008
ILLDISPOSED - Jakob Batten

\r\n"The Prestige" is the latest album of the "Danish Dynamite" band Illdisposed. Just a few days after the release of the album, Vassilis Mazaris and had the opportunity to talk with the mastermind of the band Jakob Batten who is the guitarist and songwriter. Jakob gives us in a few words everything concerning the latest album and everything about Illdisposed in general. \r\n

April 17, 2008
SOULSKINNER - Gothmog & Bill

\r\nVasilis\r\nMazaris and Elena Mihailidou from recently conducted an interview\r\nwith the Greek Death Metalers Soulskinner. Gothmog (Vocals) & Bill (Guitars) talk about their\r\nlatest release called Non Stop Killing through Sleazy Rider Records, the context\r\nof the release.

April 08, 2008
CHARING CROSS - Andy Dormann

\r\nHow about some melodic Heavy Metal from Switzerland? Charing Cross have really come "Back For Attack" with their first full-length album "We are..Charing Cross". The riffs from Pascal and Andy, the voice of Peter and the last draw from Marcus and Tommy on drums and bass respectively, are the ingredients of this album.

March 30, 2008
SACRED BLOOD - Polydefkis

\r\nThe long awaited debut cd of the promising Hellenic band, SACRED BLOOD is finally ready and released from Eat Metal Records. MetalZone “grabbed” the guitarist/composer Polydefkis for a quick “interrogation” about the masterpiece “The Battle Of Thermopylae: The Chronicle” \r\n

March 23, 2008

\r\nOn the event of the release of their new album Vassilis Mazaris and Elena Mihailidou of talked with Fotis from SEPTICFLESH. Fotis talks about COMMUNION the feedback they’ve gotten for their first album after their reunion, all the information about the context of the album and the massive symphonic parts Xristos Antoniou has laid down for the new album.

March 17, 2008

\r\nBlack Comedy come from Norway and they consist of members who are very popular in the extreme Metal scene. Instigator is their new album which is out on Season Of Mist Records. Vasilis Mazaris & had the opportunity to contact one of the guitar players, Marius (he is also one of the singers) and here is what he said... \r\n

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