January 18, 2008
PARADOX Video Interview

On the\r\nevent of Paradox’s appearance in Deutsche Assault Festival in Athens on January 12th, had the opportunity to\r\ninterview the band after their live appearance.\r\n

\r\nCHARLY\r\nSTEINHAUER (Lead & Rhythm Guitar) KAI PASEMANN (Lead & Rhythm Guitar)\r\nOLLY KELLER (Bass Guitar) ROLAND JAHODA (Drums) talk all about their new album Electrify, their future plans, their\r\nn

January 15, 2008
INTENSE - Sean Hetherington

British Power Metal band INTENSE, was formed in the UK, in the early 90’s. Reviews talk about a “Nevermore meets Iced Earth and Savatage” band, while they keep becoming more and more popular, especially after the release of their latest full length album, “As our Army Grows”.
\r\nMetalzone conducted an interview with the vocalist of the band, Sean Hetherington, and here’s what he told us.\r\n

\r\n \r\n

January 06, 2008

Some days\r\nago, Metalzone had the opportunity to have a little chat with Nick Banger the\r\nmain man and songwriter of the Greek Heavy Metal band “Metalmorfosis”. We\r\nquestioned Nick about Metalfosis, Heavy Metal In general and many other weird\r\nkind of stuf
\r\nMetalzone : Hello Nick
\r\n\r\nNick: Hello Lampros \r\n

\r\nMetalzone : So, let us begin with the interview for
\r\nNick: Ok, let’s start then.\r\n

January 05, 2008
NOVEMBRE - Carmelo Orlando

Rome’s NOVEMBRE are a band that has made a solid impression upon both the death metal and atmospheric metal scenes with equally strong results. Ever since their inception back in 1990, word about the group has spread among the underground scene on a worldwide basis. had the chance to do an interview with Carmelo Orlando- Guitars/Vocals- about their latest album The Blue, their aspirations, their upcomming tour, the chances of releasing a DVD, the impact they’ve had to the media and the impact on Read on as our Italian friend unfolds his thoughts.

January 04, 2008
THE OCEAN - Nils and Robin
\r\nThe band which has shook metalheads off their sits and has given a completely unique perspective into making music recently did an interview with
December 19, 2007

\r\nLast Friday had the pleasure of talking to one of the few lasting true metallers who are still Alive And Kicking and still amaze us and show us how much a young musician can learn through the experienced eyes of an 80s guitarist. We talked with former guitarist of Virgin Steele, Jack Starr, a guitarist a true star, by name but also by broadness of mind and talent.

December 19, 2007

Pamela Moore, widely known as “Sister Mary”, released her personal album round a year ago, so I took the chance of asking her about it and, of course, about the experience of working with Queensryche again. Pamela talked about several things regarding her collaboration with the band, shared with us some moments and memories, and introduced us to “Stories from a blue room”. \r\n

\r\nMetalzone: Pamela, your last tour with Queensryche was pretty extensive, meaning you had to travel and play in a different city almost every day.

December 18, 2007
BLACKMASS - Adramelech

Blackmass is a well-known Black metal band from South Brazil. The band was formed in 2001 by the infernal warrior Lord Aeshma and Magus Dux Adramelech joined the horde as the vocalist in January 2002 and eventually became a permanent member of the band. After two EPs "Diabolical Ritual" in 2002 and "Episcolum, Servo Servorum Satanii" in 2003 they released their first full length album in 2005 entitled "Gloria Diaboli".

December 17, 2007
CRIMSON FIRE - Crimson Fire/Stelios

\r\nCrimson Fire is a band that attracted lots of fans due to their amazing live performances, the lyricism of their songs and the astonishing vocals as well. After their very successful gigs in so many clubs, the very impressive cover songs that other bands might hesitate to attempt playing, and after playing as support acts for well known-names such as Heir Apparent and Brocas Helm, they talked to Metalzone about the past, the present and their future plans

December 16, 2007
EPICA - Simone Simons

On the event of EPICA’S live appearances in Greece, Elena Mihailidou and Vasilis Mazaris of did a video interview with EPICA’S vocalist Simone Simons.
\r\nSimone talks about the experience of playing live for the first time ever in Thessaloniki, and the experience of being part of the first ever March Metal Day which had as a result the creation of a fan club in Greece for the band.

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