October 20, 2008

\r\nOn the event of the release their new album, had the chance to interview the italian epic metallers Holy Martyr.They talk about the experience they had this summer in Greece their new album their inspiration and more.

October 04, 2008
EVERGREY - Tom S. Englund

\r\nGiven the chance by the release of their astonishing new album TORN Elena Mihailidou of had the chance to talk with EVERGREY’s mastermind Tom S. Englund. Tom talks about the new album, their inspiration, their new label, their supporting appearance on Whitesnake, how different this album is and generally what makes EVERGREY so unique.\r\n

August 18, 2008

\r\nOn the event of the release of WHITECHAPEL’s latest album This Is Exhile –released on July 2008 by Metal Blade Records - and Elena Mihailidou had the chance to discuss with WHITECHAPEL’s guitarist Alex Wade. WHITECHAPEL stands out in today’s overcrowded metal scene due in part to their ability to fuse memorable and even groovy riffs with crushing breakdowns, tremolo picking at neck breaking speeds, and incredibly evil and dissonant sounds. Their songs demand repeated listens and gang vocals at shows are common place.

August 04, 2008

\r\nOn August 2nd Helena Mihailidou of had the chance to interview Lauren Harris. Lauren was in Greece supporting Iron Maiden on their appearance as part of their Somewhere Back In Time tour.

July 28, 2008

\r\nOn the event of their live appearance in Greece’s Rock Em All Festival on July 20th Mat Barlow and Jon Schaffer gave a press conference to the Greek media.’s Elena Mihailidou and Nikoleta Saradou were there to record what they had to say which turned out to be very interesting.

July 25, 2008

\r\nOn May 16th Elena Mihailidou and Vasilis Mazaris had the opportunity to interview all members of BIOMECHANICAL who visited Greece for a couple of shows.
\r\nThe band talks about their latest release Canibbalised, their co operation with Chris Tsagarides, the new line up of the band, the context of the new album, their upcoming plans but also their influences, their past and their future.

July 25, 2008
SINNER - Mat Sinner

On the event of the release of the new SINNER album on September 19th Crash & Burn Elena Mihailidou had the chance to discuss with the band’s mainman Mat Sinner all the details about the upcomming release, the upcomming plans of the band, the differences in his other band Primal Fear and SINNER and his view on music nowdays.

July 16, 2008
THE ROTTED - Gian Pyres

\r\nBorn out of the dingy London back streets, THE ROTTED have risen up and established themselves as one of the UK’s leading extreme metal acts.Though proud to be spawned in the death and extreme metal scene, the boys’ influences aren’t just the ones normally associated with the style of music they create. THE ROTTED’s take on the genre comes from a completely different angle; It’s not the genre or style, it’s the attitude and delivery.

July 10, 2008
ONE WAY MIRROR - Franck Potvin

\r\nONE-WAY MIRROR is a brand new rock metal band on the verge of\r\ntriggering a revolution in the world of music. The band was created in\r\n2006 when five close friends decided to join forces to create the\r\nultimate rock metal band: Guillaume Bideau (Mnemic), David and Franck\r\nPotvin (Lyzanxia, Phaze I), Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork) and Loic Colin\r\n(Scarve, Watcha). Given the chance with the release of their self titled debut album we interviewed the band’s rhythm guitarist Franck Potvin. Here is what he had to say.. \r\n

July 10, 2008
MORKER - Grimner

\r\nMorker hailing us from Sweden deliver good melodic/symphonic Black Metal and their name means "Darkness" in Swedish. Formed in 2004 and after a very good first full length album, "Skuggornas Rike" in 2006, Morker after two years are coming back with their second release, "Höstmakter" by Northern Silence Productions.

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