September 01, 2008

My personal belief is that the only positive fact for the hiring of Tim Owens as a vocalist to the mighty Judas Priest line up back in 1997, is the fact that I and I suppose many of you, “found” the previous band of Owens, Winters Bane and specific the first album by the band and the only one that Owen contributed, the legendary, “Heart Of A Killer”, originally released by Massacre records around 1993, also re released by Century Media featuring a bonus CD with some bon

August 24, 2008

\r\nConception, before many years, were for me a kind of a personal..discovery. One day, I listened to a song of them and impressed by their music and especially their singer , I searched enough, to find out in the end, that this song was ’’Roll the fire’’ and the name of the band Conception. However, having no Internet connection that period, my only choice was to try find the album itself, since I knew nothing more about the band. I was more than relieved when I found out that this album had more than one good songs in it.

August 22, 2008

\r\nIt’s a fact that anyone can grow strong and great feelings about a band, feelings of either love or hate.. Such feelings I have for the Italian band Death SS, maybe the most famous Italian band (together with Strana Officina).

August 21, 2008


August 20, 2008


August 18, 2008

\r\nΔεν νομίζω να αμφιβάλει κανείς για την προσφορά των Black Sabbath στο Heavy Metal, ÏŒπως πιστεύω ÏŒτι τα περισσÏŒτερα albums των Sabs είναι monuments και καθÏŒριζ

August 13, 2008


July 28, 2008



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