November 01, 2007

\r\nFrom MANSFIELD of England, we have this strange four member band. Founded and I moved in the a very early days and long before the beginning of the new HARD ROCK genre, the NWOBHM, they made their own effort for coming in the surface. Influenced, sound evident, from BLACK SABBATH (first albums), no so much with regard to the direction and the sound, as long as the suffocating, frugal underground sentiment that they exuded.

October 23, 2007

\r\nI still remember how much I was impressed, when I heard Steve Harris in an interview, answer with no hesitation: "Which group do you think will star in the 90’s"? and he answered without even think of it : "Queensryche". So simple. Even this huge musician was impressed so much, like every one of us, from the "phenomenon" from Seattle. \r\n

October 23, 2007

\r\nI bet now that a soul will smile, because he was sure when I began to writing monuments, that this would be the first, knowing that is my favorite one. Despite the fact that I don’t want to be predicted in my actions, I thought that I must take him by surprise, but finally I couldn’t resist to this temptation…And believe me the specific temptation is …huge!!! And it’s name is Awaken The Guardian. \r\n

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