April 09, 2008

When a sweet being asks you to write something about JUDAS PRIEST then it’s impossible to say no, even more so when you have "tortured" her with your incessant chatter that has to be translated... For a moment she tried to take her revenge asking me to write a review about Ram It Down but probably she took pity on me (I’m on a critical age and the heart attack is around the corner) and she decided she wants me to write about Screaming For Vengeance.

March 30, 2008

\r\nEven though it was released from their own sketchy company, 206 Records, QUEENSRYCHE homonymous debut album sold over 50.000 copies in a really short period of time. EMI America realizing the vein of gold that started glowing, recruited them and sent them immediately at the front line, on a full length american tour along with DIO and TWISTED SISTER.

March 26, 2008


\r\nThere are really many  unfairly lost bands in the 80’s. Bands with one or two releases, they accomplished to be cited by the mouths of their few fans, even today almost thirty years afterwards. \r\n

March 25, 2008

    In this particular release , although it is mentioned  that it was in 2004, the songs are actually composed somewhere between 1987 and 1988. Zess managed to find a label to release their material in 2004. “Et In Arcadia Ego” is not like many “malicious” would claim a “snatch” , but in fact it  is a statement of heart,  from five young Italians, which managed to be built in the form that it diserved, after 16 years of waiting locked up in a drawer. That was a 33rpm record. But let’s see things from the beginning.

March 22, 2008

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March 05, 2008

\r\nThe first album disk of Canadian SWORD was loved by the Greeks metalheads as few, and the explanation for this is very simple: overflowed from force and guts. Add also their intense influences from worshipped JUDAS PRIEST and SAVATAGE and you have the recipe of success. Metalized is an awesome album, with 10 tracks real "dynamites", ready to cause chain explosions in your stereo woofers. Real dynamite is also the guitarist Mike Plant, with his "heavy" riffs and his marvellous, ultra heavy sound.

February 27, 2008

\r\nTrue diamonds are forever. 22 whole years after the release of the homonymous debut album of CRIMSON GLORY still shines as it did back then when it made even the most demanding "collectors" bow down to its inrivalled lucidity and dazzling glow. \r\n

February 19, 2008


\r\nΊσως πολλοί απÏŒ εσάς, διαβάζοντας τα κείμενα μου ή ακούγοντας τις εκπομπές που έχουμε κάνει κατά καιρούς με τον

February 13, 2008

\r\nOne of many things I like about HEAVY METAL is the satisfaction you get when you discover a new band you never heard of before and even more so when you really enjoy their music so much that you can rate their album as a "monument".\r\n

February 11, 2008

\r\nWhen I’m in the car, stuck in one on of the endless traffic jams of Athens, I want to listen something that will make feel better, something stong and simple, without exagerations and complicated compositions, in order not to take a pill for the headache, a very good choice would be the Dutch VENGEANCE. The strong, well-played Hard n’ Heavy is like a medicine for me in these dificult situations, and espescially their debut homonymus album, which i put down as one of the best samples of this genre. \r\n

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